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6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Dogs

Published on August 31, 2021

You can forget about investing thousands of dollars in a business coach. Here’s a fun fact: your dog might be the best business coach around. We have learned a lot from our canine buddies over the years.

Here at SiteSwan, we're all dog lovers, and we believe there are several things everyone can learn from dogs and apply to their day-to-day activities as entrepreneurs in the web design industry. Even if you prefer cats over dogs, there are still a few lessons that man’s/woman’s best friend can teach you about success in business and in life.

Here are the top six things we have learned from our dogs and how to apply them to your own web design business with SiteSwan.

1. Be Enthusiastic

Dogs let their excitement show whether it’s a tail wag or a wet face from happy licks. From interacting with potential clients to pitching homepage designs, it’s important to show your enthusiasm too. You should be excited about showing a small business owner their new website. Let your excitement come through in your voice and actions!

The web design industry gives you plenty of things to be excited about (such as the ability to help small business owners get more customers and generate more revenue while you also increase your monthly recurring revenue), so work and sell with enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to let your excitement come through in your client conversations. A positive attitude is contagious and can get customers excited to work with you.

2. Remain Loyal

Dogs are extremely loyal animals. Stay loyal to your clients by giving them your full attention when they need it, along with offering amazing customer support and website assistance. Be sure to stay loyal to your vendors as well so that they treat you the best.

Loyalty can earn dogs a pat on the head, and you special treatment and testimonials that can help you get more business in the future. Even being loyal to your team can mean you get more from them, including a deeper devotion to your business’s goals.

3. Show Gratitude

Dogs appreciate us and love to show it. Show your clients you appreciate them. This can take the form of thanking them for their business, giving an occasional discount, sending out a holiday card, or offering an incentive for any referrals they provide.

Every little bit can go a long way. The more gratitude you show them, the more they’ll feel appreciated and be more likely to recommend your web design services to others.

4. Rest Up
Dogs that run around all day need time to rest. Running a business can be stressful and hectic at times, meaning you need time to rest up also.

Be sure to take time out of your day/week to relax and unwind. Setting a good, consistent sleep schedule is the key to a healthy workday and work habits. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep are important for every entrepreneur. Make every effort to maintain a healthy work/life balance for both your sake and your clients’ sake.

5. Be Trainable

One of the things that makes dogs such intelligent creatures is their ability to learn new tricks. While you might be eager to learn too, as a SiteSwan Reseller, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own about running a web design business – just follow our lead. We provide the training, sales tips & suggestions, proven marketing strategies, and more. You just have to be open and receptive.

Even as new features and offerings are rolled out (such as our Reputation Management feature), our resellers greatly benefit from being willing to learn more and incorporate new things into their suite of services. The more new things you can learn and incorporate into your business, the more revenue you can ultimately generate.

6. Be Brave

Have you ever seen a dog stand up to a bear or a police K9 take down an armed criminal? Dogs will often put themselves in what feels like dangerous and vulnerable situations without thinking twice.

Starting and running any kind of business by yourself can be scary, but bravery prevails. Thanks to SiteSwan’s help and support, you don’t have to go it alone. If you’ve been thinking about starting a web design business (even as a side hustle), SiteSwan provides the “business in a box” that you need for success.

While you could still invest in a business coach for more lessons, use these six things we learned from dogs to propel you and your business in the right direction. To learn more about SiteSwan and our Website Reseller Program, click here!


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