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Generate More Leads & Close More Sales

With the SiteSwan Local Prospecting Tool


How it Works

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Search for Local Businesses in Your Area

Targeting a particular niche like restaurants or painters? No problem. With the Local Prospecting Tool you can drill down to specific industries by using the keyword / industry search option. Or simply leave it blank to browse all businesses in your area.
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Discover Which Businesses Do and DON'T Have a Website

Find your ideal customer by discovering which businesses do or don't have a website. Our Local Prospecting Tool delivers a long list of nearby businesses complete with their contact information and whether or not they currently have a website.

Remember, just because a business currently has a website, doesn't mean they don't need a new one. Be sure to check out any existing websites to see which are due for a redesign.
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You Can Even Check to See Which Sites are NOT Mobile Optimized

Just because a business has a website, doesn’t mean it’s mobile optimized. With nearly half of all web searches coming from a mobile device, having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely essential for businesses. With our Local Prospecting Tool, you can quickly and easily check which sites are mobile friendly, and which are not, and see a live preview of how they look on mobile! You can even download a screenshot of the mobile view to emphasize how much your clients need a mobile-optimized site.
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Create Ready-to-Sell Demo Sites with Just 1 Click!

Now that you identified which businesses need a website, you can create live demo sites with just a few clicks. Simply click "Create Site" next to the business name and choose from one of our professionally designed industry-specific themes. In seconds, the SiteSwan Website Builder creates a fully-functional website specifically designed for each business.

It's That Simple!

You can literally create dozens of ready-to-sell demo sites in just minutes. Now you can share the design with the business owner in person, on the phone or by email and watch your sales soar as you turn prospects into paying customers in just a few steps.
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The Local Prospecting Tool is Available on our Agency & Pro Plans

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