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Make Money Building and Selling Websites with SiteSwan

Are you looking to start or grow your own web design business? Become a SiteSwan Website Reseller in your city today. The SiteSwan White Label Website Reseller Program includes everything you need to start building and selling websites to small businesses in your area, all under your own brand.
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NOW is the Perfect Time to Join Our Website Reseller Program

There are 28 MILLION Small Businesses in the US
Nearly 40% of them still do NOT have a website and are looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to get their business online.

SMB's Don't Want DIY
Small businesses don't have the time or know-how to build a website themselves. They just want someone to build it for them.

SiteSwan is the Perfect Fit
SiteSwan websites are affordable, beautifully designed, fully responsive, search engine friendly and only take minutes to build.

Complete Web Design Business-in-a-Box
We're more than just a website builder. We provide everything you need to build a profitable web design business.
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Who Should Join?

The SiteSwan Website Reseller Program is perfect for anyone interested in starting their own business,
or existing companies looking to expand their services by offering affordable web design to their clients.

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Generate Leads. Build Sites Fast.
Grow Your Business.


We Help You Generate Local Leads
We built our own Local Prospecting Tool to help you identify which businesses in your area need a website.
250+ Customizable Website Themes
You don't have to be a designer to create beautiful websites with SiteSwan. With over 250 ready-to-sell themes you can design sites for just about any type of small business. Plus we’re always adding more.
Pitch Clients Live Demo Sites
Close more sales by showing potential clients exactly what their site will look like instead of just talking about it. They'll think you spent hours working on it but it only takes seconds to create.
Earn a Significant Income
Businesses pay you an upfront setup fee followed by a monthly service fee to maintain their website. You set your own prices and keep 100% of the income.
SiteSwan is more than just a website builder. We give you all the tools and resources you need to start, run and grow your business including sales and marketing material, sample contracts, training, and support.

How Do You Make Money?

Our white label website builder is not just designed for speed; it's built for profit. Build and sell websites faster, easier and cheaper than ever before so you can keep prices affordable and profits high.

Charge your clients an upfront setup fee followed by a monthly service fee to generate recurring income. Plus, you can offer your clients additional services like our built-in Reputation Management option. Set your own pricing and charge your clients whatever you'd like.

We simply charge you a flat, low monthly licensing fee to use our software and even include hosting for all of your sites. Check out the charts below for our suggested retail prices and how much money you can make selling websites to small businesses.

Charge an Upfront Setup Fee

This is the upfront fee that you can charge clients to create their website.

We suggest:
$500 - $1,500

Charge a Monthly Service Fee

This is the ongoing fee you can charge clients for site hosting, updates, maintenance and support.

We suggest:
$50 - $100/month

Offer Additional Services

Upsell your website clients on other marketing services, like Reputation Management.

We suggest:
$99 - $199/month + others
*For illustration purposes only. SiteSwan does not make any guarantee as to how much money you can make.

How Does it Work?


Join Our Reseller Program

Our reseller program is designed for anyone looking to create and sell websites to small businesses. If you're an individual or entrepreneur interested in starting your own business or an agency looking to expand your services, our reseller program may be right for you. We're a complete white label solution and offer affordable plans based on the number of sites you need, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

Sign Up Local Businesses

We'll show you how to get clients using our proven sales method, reseller training, and professional marketing materials branded for your company. We'll help you identify the best types of businesses to target, how to approach them and how to close a sale. We will even show you how to generate local leads using our Local Prospecting Tool.

Build Awesome Websites in Minutes

Our software makes it easy to create beautiful websites for just about any small business. We offer professionally designed Themes for all different industries and our website builder requires no coding, no programming and no experience. You can even create live demo sites in minutes allowing potential clients to preview their site before they buy.

Reap Your Rewards

Start generating upfront and residual monthly income from every site you sell. The best part is you set your own prices and decide how much to charge your clients, and you keep 100% of the sale. You simply pay a flat monthly fee to use our software.
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