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8 Reasons Why Websites are Essential to All Small Businesses

Why you need a website
Published on June 21, 2021

Last year COVID drastically changed the way we do business. Lockdowns hurt the profitability of many struggling small businesses, and, to survive, many of them took to the internet to see if they could reach their customers online.

Businesses have been transitioning to digital to reach new markets and boost sales for years, but the lockdowns of 2020 and the challenges of the past year increased this focus significantly. Now that more businesses are looking to establish themselves online due to the pandemic, it makes sense that the old way of doing business just isn't coming back.

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SiteSwan Website Builder Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

Siteswan 10 year anniversary
Published on June 16, 2021

This month SiteSwan is celebrating 10 years of success as a white label website builder and web design business-in-a-box. This is a milestone that very few software companies can brag about. SiteSwan was launched in 2011 as a way for web designers to easily create and sell websites to their small business clients without any code. Over the past decade, SiteSwan has grown rapidly, establishing one of the most successful website reseller programs in the country, powering over 15,000 small business websites and used by thousands of agencies, designers and entrepreneurs all over the globe.

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Looking for a Franchise Opportunity? SiteSwan's Website Builder Reseller Program Could Be a Better Option

Best web design franchise opportunity
Looking for a franchise? The SiteSwan Website Reseller Program might be a better option.
Published in June 7, 2021

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, you’ve probably considered investing in a franchise. Do a quick search on Google, and you’ll find plenty of franchise opportunities, with hundreds of companies touting how their product is special, their concept is unique and how you can build your own successful business around their brand. But like anything, there is no guarantee you will be successful even with a franchise, nor is it the best option to starting a business.

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5 Myths about Becoming a Web Designer

5 myths about becoming a web designer
Published on March 3, 2021. Updated on June 2, 2021.

Web design can be an exciting and rewarding career. It offers the freedom and flexibility to work from home, set your own hours, and generate passive income. But for some entrepreneurs, especially those who might be less tech savvy, the thought of starting your own web design business can be intimidating.

Here are 5 myths about becoming a web designer and why they shouldn’t scare you away!

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Webinar: How to Design Websites for Small Businesses in 4 Easy Steps

How to design websites for small businesses
Published on May 26, 2021


First impressions matter. That's why it's so important to design websites that look great. Our simple 4-step approach will show you how to create beautiful small business websites that will WOW your clients and sell fast.

In this webinar, we show you exactly how it's done and offer some tips to help you create great looking sites every time.

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How to Land Your First 10 Web Design Clients on Facebook

How to land 10 web design clients on facebook
Published on February 17, 2021. Updated on May 26, 2021.

Looking for an effective way to sell websites to local businesses? Leverage the power of social media and start promoting your web design business on Facebook.

With billions of active users, social media platforms have significantly changed the landscape of online advertising. Facebook in particular has become one of the most effective tools for networking and promoting a business. A single post can help you reach thousands of potential clients. If you're looking to grow your web design business, here’s how you can land your first 10 clients on Facebook today.

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How to Design Websites for Small Businesses in 4 Easy Steps

How to design websites in 4 easy steps
Published on May 13, 2021

It’s estimated that the majority of new site visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on a website unless you’re able to capture their attention and make them want to stay longer. This is just one of the many reasons why website design is so important. You only have a short period of time to make a good first impression, engage visitors and keep them on your site. As a web designer, your small business clients are depending on you to create a site that looks great and appeals to their customers.

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9 Reasons Why Web Design is a Pandemic-Proof Business

Web design pandemic proof business
Published on May 4, 2021

There’s no getting around the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every industry and business to some extent or another. Nearly 30% of all small businesses across America have experienced a decrease in sales since the start of the pandemic. Many businesses have closed permanently, while others are still struggling to recover from the fallout of the past year. Entire industries were turned upside down – the restaurant and hospitality industries, for example, have had no choice but to completely revamp entire business models in order to survive.

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How to Land Your First Reputation Management Client on Facebook

How to land your first reputation management client on facebook
Published on April 26, 2021

In today’s highly competitive market, online customer reviews are more important than ever for businesses large and small. What customers are saying about a business has a direct impact on sales. In fact, the majority of consumers will read online reviews before making a purchase decision and most customers will only choose a business that has 4 or more stars. Maintaining a positive online reputation on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook is something businesses can’t afford to ignore. 

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Webinar: 12 Ways to Get Web Design Clients with SiteSwan

Webinar 12 ways to get web design clients
Published on April 21, 2021


Getting clients is key to any business. Without clients, you don't have much of a business at all. Whether you’ve been building websites for years, or just starting out with the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program, finding new customers is the key to growing a successful web design business and generating a steady stream of passive income.

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8 Key Elements of a User-Friendly Website

User friendly website elements
Published on April 15, 2021

For most small businesses, the perfect website is one that leads to increased customer conversions, whether it's more phone calls, more leads or more sales. While there are plenty of different ways to achieve this, perhaps the most important element to focus on when building a small business website is making it as user-friendly as possible. You can take a number of different routes to enhance user experience when piecing together a new website, but the key is to know which elements to include to ensure a solid end product.

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SCAM ALERT: Beware of this Fake Email Claiming Copyright Image Infringement on Your Website

Phishing scam email alert
Published on April 14, 2021

Reports are coming in from all across the internet about a scammer who is sending malicious messages to website owners via the contact forms on their website. This phishing email scammer aggressively accuses the website owner of using copyrighted images, and encourages them to click a link that supposedly leads to a list of the images that are in violation. Do not click the link!

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Introduction to Adding Live Chat and Chatbots to Your Website

Adding live chat and chatbots to a website
April 8, 2021

In the fast paced digital world we now live, customers demand multiple channels of communication and immediate answers to their questions online. For businesses looking to take their marketing and customer support to new heights, live chat and chatbots are two very popular solutions.

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12 Ways to Get Web Design Clients

Finding web design clients
Getting clients is key to any business. Without clients, you don't have much of a business at all. Whether you’ve been building websites for years, or just starting out with the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program, finding new customers is the key to growing a successful web design business and generating a steady stream of passive income.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of finding clients in your area with these 12 ways to get web design clients.

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How to Add Online Food Ordering to a Restaurant Website with SiteSwan

Add online ordering to restaurant website
March 30, 2021

Online food ordering has exploded over recent years. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has fueled this growth even more. With social distancing and restrictions on indoor dining in place, more and more restaurants are looking to expand their takeout and delivery service by offering online ordering to their customers. Customers are also enjoying the added benefits and convenience of online ordering including flexible scheduling and more dining options to choose from. It's safe to say that the demand for online food ordering will continue to rise even after the pandemic subsides.

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9 Web Design Sales Tricks to Turn Prospects into Clients

9 web design sales tricks
Published on March 18, 2021

For a lot of web designers, the process of designing sites comes easy—especially if you’re using a website building platform like SiteSwan, with our stunning Themes and instant site creation. However, it’s the sales side of the job that tends to be difficult for many agencies to hit a stride with. After all, producing quality work and being able to sell that work are two entirely different talents, and in order to grow a successful web design business, you need to be able to feel confident about your abilities to thrive as both a designer and a salesperson. 

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4 Ways to Market Your Web Design Agency During a Pandemic

Web design marketing ideas
February 9, 2021

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on about COVID-19, it’s that the pandemic has been an immense learning experience for the vast majority of people across the world. Many have had no choice but to completely upend their daily approach to living, and this is especially true for business owners. Running a business during a global pandemic of this scale is something no one could have expected or adequately planned for, and all of a sudden, it has become the task du jour for millions of individuals and entrepreneurs. 

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10 Common Traits of Successful Leaders that Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

10 Common Traits of Successful Leaders that Entrepreneurs Can Learn From
February 2, 2021

The recent inauguration of the 46th United States President Joseph Biden has brought to the public sphere a renewed interest in the conversation about what makes a true leader. Many people believe that leadership skills are possessed only by a small sub-sect of 'special' individuals, however the truth is that all of us have access to the same traits as the successful leaders we look up to. One thing is for sure: taking a closer look at the traits and characteristics of leaders you respect can help move you closer to running a successful web design company with SiteSwan

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5 COVID-Ready Website Features Every Business Needs

Adobestock 342960186
January 26, 2021
As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, many small businesses are being forced to temporarily close or move their entire operations online. A professional website is no longer an exception, but rather an essential tool that every business needs in order to survive the pandemic. As a result, affordable web design is in high demand with millions of businesses scrambling to get online. At SiteSwan, we’ve welcomed a record number of new resellers onboard, and witnessed thousands of new sites launched over the past 10 months.

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3 Ways to Make More Money as a Web Designer

3ways to make more money as a web designer
January 19, 2021

Running your own web design business can be an extremely financially rewarding career. Selling websites to small businesses comes with both upfront and recurring income, that most times can be sustained for many years. And because frequent updates are usually not requested by your clients, lots of web designers enjoy what they call "hands-off recurring income" that they can rely on month after month.

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7 Direct Sales Tips for Web Designers

7 direct sales tips for web designers
January 12, 2021

Building a successful web design business requires more than just the right software and an “eye for design." In fact, a large portion of your time and efforts will be spent on marketing and business development. Direct sales in particular can play a key role in the success of any web design business, and the more you can do to streamline your efforts, the more likely it is that they'll pay off for you.

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How to Build a Web Design Portfolio with No Clients

Siteswan howtobuild blog
December 30, 2020

Starting your own web design business can be a fun and financially rewarding career. However, if you're just getting started, chances are you don't have any past work in your portfolio to show off to potential clients; that's okay! Here are four creative ways to quickly build up an impressive web design portfolio when you don't have any existing clients.

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4 Benefits of Starting a Web Design Business During Covid-19

4 benefits of starting a web design business during covid 19
December 9, 2020

Launching a new business in the midst of a pandemic can be a scary thought. But it also presents a compelling opportunity. When most new entrepreneurs are reluctant or fearful, it’s an opportunity for you to step up your game, launch your own business and grab market share. Starting your own web design business during Covid-19 has a few other hidden benefits as well.

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Tough Times Create New Opportunities for Web Designers

New opportunities for web designers
December 1, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked unprecedented havoc on businesses and the economy, and virtually no industry has been spared. Layoffs and downsizing are inevitable as many companies are struggling to stay afloat.

In this uncertain environment, where jobs and financial security are at risk, many individuals are choosing self-employment instead. Entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and in digital businesses are set to not only survive, but thrive during and after this pandemic.

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Why is Reputation Management Important For Small Businesses?

Board 55e7d5434b 1920
November 10, 2020

Traditionally, referrals and word of mouth were the engines driving the growth for small businesses. Recommendations from family and friends built up trust for small businesses catering to local communities. This traditional form of reputation building, which was of paramount importance for small businesses at one time, has now gone digital, giving millions of customers the power to make or break any business with the click of a button.

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The Importance of a Good Website For Any Small Business

November 6, 2020

The world is going digital at a rapid pace, and it's more important than ever for businesses to position themselves to take advantage of this trend. According to the data published by the Search Engine Journal, more than nine out of 10 online experiences start at a search engine. In simple words, if a business does not have a professionally designed website, they can be losing out on 90% of the market opportunities for their business.

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How to Overcome Your Fears of Starting a Business

Overcome fears of starting a web design business
October 29, 2020

Fear can be an entrepreneur's worst enemy. The fear of failure, fear of inadequacy or even the fear of success can prohibit people from taking the first step towards starting their own business. While fear and uncertainty are perfectly normal, don't let it cripple you from achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Utilize these 4 tips to overcome your fears of starting your own business...

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5 reasons to start a web design business before another spike
October 23, 2020

A fall COVID-19 spike could be coming. We’re already seeing a rise in COVID cases across the country and experts are predicting the coming months will be the worst spike we’ve seen in months. Will the economy be able to withstand another devastating hit? Will you have a job? Running your own web design business offers you job security that an employer can’t. Don’t put your faith or future in someone else’s hands; take control and be prepared for the worst by starting your own business today. Here are 5 reasons why you should start your own web design business before another COVID-19 spike...

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8 Tips for Running a Web Design Business Part Time with SiteSwan
8 Tips for Running a Web Design Business Part Time with SiteSwan
October 7, 2020

One of the things that makes web design such an attractive industry to be in, and such an intriguing business to start, is that it does not need to be run with a full-time commitment. Many people who offer web design do it on the side as a source of supplemental income. You don’t have to devote 40 hours a week to bring in substantial revenue when you can earn $500 - $1,000+ from each site you sell, plus residual monthly income. If you are running it efficiently, a web design business can be profitably maintained with part-time hours. Here are 8 tips to help you do that:

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Screen shot 2020 09 25 at 8.21.39 am
September 23, 2020

If you’re a web designer or run a digital marketing agency, or thinking about getting into this field, offering Reputation Management to your clients can be an easy up-sell opportunity and a great way to expand your services, improve client retention, and increase your revenue. Understanding the basics of Reputation Management and why online reviews are important will help you successfully integrate it into your product offerings and sell it to your clients. In this webinar we discuss the important of Reputation Management and how you can sell this lucrative service to local businesses in your area.

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Start your own web design business
September 17, 2020

With everything going on in the world from the global coronavirus pandemic to wildfires to economic uncertainty, it’s never been more important to have a financial safety net that you can rely on. A financial safety net is meant to protect you and your family, at least in part, if something unexpected happens - such as losing a job or falling ill. Whether it's full-time or part-time, building and selling websites can provide a reliable and steady source of income to keep you financially stable in any economic climate.

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Sell reputation management
SiteSwan's Reputation Management feature is proving to be a valuable tool for many SiteSwan Resellers. It's the first true expansion of SiteSwan's services beyond web design, and it's ideal for anyone interested in selling digital marketing services to small businesses. But what exactly is it?  It's a new tool that helps small businesses easily manage and respond to online reviews while also helping them increase their average star rating across the major review sites.

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Finger 55e5d64349 1920
If you’re a web designer or run a digital marketing agency, offering Reputation Management to your clients can be an easy up-sell opportunity and a great way to expand your services, improve client retention, and increase your revenue. Understanding the basics of Reputation Management and why online reviews are important, will help you be able to successfully integrate it into your product offerings and sell it to your clients.

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6 Back to School Marketing Ideas for Web Designers

Back to school marketing ideas web designers
All across the U.S., school is back in session. That means kids are heading back to class, traffic is heavier, commutes are longer and schedules are busier. For many web designers, especially those that are parents, September seems to fly by in a blink of an eye. That doesn't mean your web design business needs to suffer, though. Here are 6 back to school marketing ideas to promote your web design business and make the most of the upcoming school year.

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6 Businesses that Need a Website Now

Business that need a website
The COVID-19 crisis has a had a huge impact on small businesses everywhere. For some, a website has become their only chance for survival. For others, a website is allowing them to keep up with increased demand due to the pandemic. Whether you are looking to start or grow your web design agency, consider focusing your sales efforts on these 6 businesses that need a website now more than ever.

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7 Steps to Launching a Successful Web Design Business with SiteSwan

How to start a web design business
One of the biggest questions entrepreneurs struggle with when starting a new business is what to do first? Kicking off a new business, especially one in an industry you've never worked in before, can leave you curious about which steps you need to take to get the business off the ground.

Starting a web design business is fun and rewarding, but like anything, it takes time, hard work, and dedication to find success. As a future business owner in this space, you should have the beginning stages of ownership planned out. Use these steps as a guideline to show you the simple path to a successful launch.


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3 Ways to Make Money with SiteSwan

Money 2696219 1280
Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people start their own web design business is the money. Web design is an extremely lucrative industry with high profit margins, recurring income and uncapped earning potential. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, building and selling websites can be a great business opportunity and provide a steady stream of revenue that you can count on for years to come. With SiteSwan, anyone can start their own web design agency and grow a profitable business with multiple streams of income. Here are the 3 primary ways you can make money as a SiteSwan Website Reseller.

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6 Reasons to Start a Web Design Business During COVID-19

Woman working at home with her laptop 4050296 1
Have you been thinking about starting your own web design business? Don't put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold. Despite COVID-19's impact on the global economy, many industries are flourishing and businesses everywhere still need a website. In fact, this is a great time to build and sell websites to local businesses in your area. Here are 6 reasons why you should start a web design business during COVID-19.

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Overcoming Common Objections When Selling Websites to Local Businesses

Overcome sales objections
When prospecting for potential website clients, it’s important to be prepared for any possible reason why a business owner may say that they do not have or need a website. Not only is it important to know what they might say, it’s more important to know how to eliminate these excuses by addressing their real underlying concerns with valuable solutions.

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How to Sell Websites to Small Businesses in 5 Easy Steps

Sell websites to small businesses
If you're looking to grow a successful web design business, you need a scalable website building platform like SiteSwan. You also need an effective and scalable sales process that will allow you to consistently and quickly take on new clients. Below we outlined the 5 exact steps we used to successfully grow our own web design agency using the SiteSwan platform.

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Create Your Own Economic Stimulus Package Building Websites for Small Businesses

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted many people’s lives both physically and financially. Millions of Americans are without jobs and unemployment rates are at record highs. Not knowing if and when you’ll be back to work is a very scary feeling. Sure, an extra check from the government is nice, but it's not nearly enough for most people.  For those who want to take control of their own financial future, self-employment is a great option.

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Covid 19 53e0d0424d 1920
It feels like the world is shutting down. With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are facing new challenges everyday. It’s easy to just accept our losses, hunker down and wait for better times. But many web designers are taking different approach; continuing their sales efforts, building sites, finding new opportunities, and experiencing record-breaking growth and in these unprecedented times. You can too.

Here are 8 tips to help you sell websites despite the COVID-19 pandemic...

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Laptop 2557468 1280
With everything going on in this country surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering  “Which businesses actually need a website now?”. The truth is, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen record numbers for new sites launched on the SiteSwan platform. With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in effect, small businesses are depending on their online presence now more than ever. The demand for affordable web design is on the rise and many SiteSwan resellers are reaping the benefits. Businesses need a website and they need it fast. For some it’s a matter of survival.

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With the recent global developments surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, small businesses everywhere are being forced to think outside the box in order to survive. For many, who cannot conduct business as usual by being in the office, at the store, or seeing customers, relying on their website is their only hope. Here are 5 ways small businesses can use their website to make it through these challenging times.

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Addressing Client Concerns in Uncertain Times

Covid 19
How Agencies can Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

I recently got an email from one of our SiteSwan Resellers who wanted to know the best way to address her client's concerns about investing in a new website in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While her client knew they needed a new website, they were hesitant to move forward with everything going on in the country. She wanted to know how to respond?

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5 Healthy Reasons to Work from Home

Influencer 4081842 1280
Starting a home based web design business is not only be a great business opportunity, it might even be beneficial for your health. Here are 5 reasons to start your own web design business and work from home.
1. Avoid germs
Working from home can help you avoid harmful germs that you might otherwise come in contact with on a daily basis commuting to and from work. Mass transportation, crowded office buildings, closed door meetings, public bathrooms and elevators all expose you to other peoples’ germs and increase your risk of getting sick...

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How to Sell Reputation Management to Local Businesses

Experience 55e2d64a4c 1920
SiteSwan's new Reputation Management feature allows you to white label and sell review monitoring and reputation management services to your existing web design clients and other local businesses. Selling reputation management is a great way to add value to the services you are already offering, differentiate yourself from the competition and generate a new stream of recurring revenue. Below  we outline some of the main steps and tips for effectively selling Reputation Management as a service.

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8 Ways to Improve Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Woman 55e6dd444a 1920
The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protects the rights of individuals with disabilities and helps ensure that "places of public accommodation," including websites, are accessible to anyone including people with disabilities. While there are currently no exact prescriptions for making your website 100% ADA compliant there are several things you can do to help protect yourself from legal liability and improve your website's accessibility by following these best website practices. 

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Back-to-School Means Back-to-Business: It's Prime Time for Web Design

Back to business
September is here and that means it’s back-to-school season. For students, it’s a new beginning and a fresh start to the coming year. For parents, it means getting back into the hectic school routine. For local business owners, many of which are also parents, they can now re-focus on their business because the kids are back to school. And now is the time to act for web designers. Everyone is in the mindset of making a fresh start, and this is the time when small businesses are ready to launch their new sites and other new marketing initiatives.

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Amazon page speed 20190629
Let me start by saying we all know a slow loading website when we see one. And we all get frustrated by them.

Websites that take a long time to load can turn off visitors who are coming to your site and can potentially turn away hundreds of customers in the process. There is no argument there. That’s why at SiteSwan, we spend a lot of time optimizing our websites for fast load times on all devices, and it shows – check out your website built on SiteSwan from any device and you will witness lightning-fast load times nearly every time. So you may be wondering why your Google PageSpeed Insight score isn't a lot higher?

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Case Study: Pipestone Publishing

Pipestone publishing
Case Study by Jim Haigh - Swimming mightily upstream against the gloomy narrative of "News Deserts," the Pipestone County Star has not missed its weekly deadline even once in 139 years. The family owned media company's track record is even more remarkable when you consider the fact that the thermometer rarely pushes above freezing between Election Day and Easter.

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Case Study: eBusiness.Works
Case Study by Jim Haigh - A Christian family man from Texas, forced into a career change, discovers SiteSwan as a way to make a great living helping small businesses thrive online. It’s a compelling story about how a preacher turned into a White Label Website superstar, while staying grounded in family and faith, and finally discovering the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants.

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SiteSwan Announces New Integration with AgeVerify

Age verify integration
November 6, 2018 - Great news for SiteSwan Website Builder white label resellers! Opportunity knocked, and we whipped the door wide open to serving some of the fastest growing industries in your markets.

Business is booming in hometown beer. According to the Brewers Association, the number of small and independent craft brewers grew another 16% in 2017, with a total now eclipsing 6,300 on Main Street, USA. Local wineries are experiencing similar growth. And with the surge in alternatives to conventional cigarettes comes phenomenal growth in local retailers catering to electronic alternatives and other vaping products.

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Case Study: Genesee Valley Penny Saver

Gvp logo
Case Study by Jim Haigh - In only their first 9 months as a SiteSwan Website Builder white label reseller, the Genesee Valley Penny Saver has significantly enhanced their customer relationships. Having already designed over a dozen engaging and effective websites, with even more in production, the family-owned publishing company founded in Avon, New York back in 1948 has, "rapidly evolved into a one-stop solution for our local businesses," reports Marketing Manager, Mary Shepard.

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Case Study: Exchange Media Group

Exchange logo
Case Study by Jim Haigh - The family owned Exchange Media Group is proudly primed for their 40th Anniversary. The publishing company that Will Thomas and sister Katie McNabb's father, Bill, founded in 1979 "to connect buyers and sellers" is successfully weaving together the print and digital landscape of the communities they serve. Today they are "making connections" exponentially, and the future looks brighter than ever.

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Case Study: Delta Digital Strategies

Delta digital
Case Study by Jim Haigh - The Mathes brothers, Joe and Mike, grew up with printer's ink in their veins, working together as kids at their father's newspaper. They founded Delta Publications in 1988, with strong growth in their first 20 years, but found themselves face to face with an advertising sales wall during a sudden, steep national decline in print ad sales. By embracing SiteSwan, they discovered other digital solutions – tools that helped them break through that wall and justified starting a digital agency sister company with responsive website design revenue at its core.

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Jim Haigh Joins SiteSwan Team

17d027f9 40b7 45e7 a29e b11dd197c067
July 2, 2018 - Jim Haigh dives into the SiteSwan lake as our new Product Evangelist, bringing a lifetime of championing entrepreneurs and Small Businesses (SMB’s) to our White Label Website Reseller Program. Jim will lead strategic initiatives to cultivate Reseller growth, harness partnerships and 3rd-party Integrations, and spread the word of SiteSwan opportunities across the digital landscape.

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Major New Feature Announcement: SiteSwan has Teamed Up with Stripe to Offer Hassle-Free Client Billing

Biling20180619 30853 1h9uute
Jun 19, 2018 - We know that one of the biggest challenges in running your local web design firm is managing client billing and keeping track of past due payments. With SiteSwan’s new Client Billing feature and Stripe integration, SiteSwan resellers can easily charge their small business clients from the same dashboard they're already using to build and manage their websites. All it takes is 1 click to sync SiteSwan's website building platform to a Stripe account.

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SiteSwan Feature Releases for the 2nd Half of 2017

Siteswan feature releases20180412 12856 1thh1ny
Dec 13,2017 - We’re constantly improving the SiteSwan website building platform for our resellers by adding and enhancing features. We believe that for SiteSwan to remain the easiest, fastest way to build beautiful websites for small businesses, we have to continually innovate and evolve as a white label website builder.

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How to Price E-Commerce Websites and Profit

Pricing ecommerce sites20180412 12853 16n9yj1
Jun 20,2017 - Many small business owners say they want to do e-commerce. Of course they do! The prospect of boosting sales around the clock and offering products to people from around the world is very enticing.

And it’s easy for you to get caught up in this excitement too. As their web developer, you’d love to be able to brag about your website client who boosted business by 50% by working with you!

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How to Add Off-Site Links to Site Navigation

Off site nav links20180412 12859 1pcfdas
Jun 8,2017 - Your site navigation is one of the very few things that stays constant from one page of your site to the next. It’s a visually reliable reference point for the user – something they can always come back to if they feel lost, want to see what’s next, or want to backtrack. It also serves as a sort of guide or roadmap of how to experience the website.

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Easily Add E-Commerce to any SiteSwan Website with our Shoprocket Integration

E commerce shoprocket integration20180412 12853 8ccy8m
May 20, 2017 - At SiteSwan, we’re all about making things quick and easy for you. The folks at Shoprocket happen to agree with that sentiment as well.

Everyone wants to sell something online, right? We all love the idea of people logging onto our site to purchase something while at home in our pajamas.

But building an e-commerce store is extremely difficult, tricky, time consuming, and expensive. That is, until now.

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The Trouble with Big Business Digital Marketing Vendors

Bigbusiness digitalmarektingvendors20180412 24357 vb1jww
Apr 27,2017 - The percentage of small businesses that do not have a website remains steady at around 45% (cited here), but it’s not because salespeople aren’t trying.

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What Every Small Business Needs for Effective Local Marketing

Effective local marketing20180412 24357 1hditf2
April 16, 2017 - Small businesses, in general, have limited budgets. And, generally speaking, most small business owners have clients who are almost all within a very short driving (or walking) distance from them. Since they’re not likely to get customers from far away, their options for marketing their business are fewer than the larger businesses you see advertising on TV.

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Enhance Coupons by Adding Images, Colors, and More

Coupons new20180412 24352 10u5s5n
Mar 7,2017 - Coupons are the lifeblood for many small businesses. According to a report by Inmar, 2.9 billion coupons were redeemed in the U.S. in 2013. For many shoppers, buying decisions are influenced by money-saving coupons that they find on small business websites.

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We Updated Our Website Content Editor

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Feb 27,2017 - Your Content Editor just got a lot prettier.

Surprise! Next time you log into one of your SiteSwan sites, you’re going to see a much more beautiful content creation interface. It’s been totally redesigned from the ground up to make you and your clients feel more up-to-date.

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Hide Site Credit From Your Client Websites

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Feb 21,2017 - Giving yourself credit on the bottom of every customer site is an EXCELLENT way generate referral leads. People see the awesome work you do, they click your name to find out who did it, they see your site, and then they contact you to do their website. Win!

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How do you make money with SiteSwan?

How you make money with siteswan 20180412 12859 ag4f50
Feb 7,2017 - How do you make money as a SiteSwan website reseller?

Our white label website builder is not just designed for speed, it's built for profit. Build and sell websites faster and easier than ever before and keep prices affordable.

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New Statistics Available to Measure User Engagement

Mobile site stats new20180413 16840 1s3bdww
Feb 1,2017 - As behavior on small business websites change, so too does the need to measure that behavior.

Did you know that about 55% of all traffic to small business websites is from mobile devices? With that said, wouldn’t you like to know how people are using your clients’ websites?

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All SiteSwan Sites are now Secured with SSL

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Jan 23,2017 - Keeping information secure online is likely a top priority for you. Most small business owners feel the same way. That’s why we recently rolled out automatic SSL support for all SiteSwan sites with custom domains!

What is SSL?

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Hide the Homepage Link for Better Landing Page Designs

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Nov 22,2016 - You already know that SiteSwan is an awesome website builder that lets you quickly & easily create stunningly beautiful websites for small businesses…but now it’s easier to use it for something else: Landing Pages.

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A True White Label Website Builder

Stealth mode120180413 2660 1e9g7ew
Nov 21,2016 - SiteSwan has always been a “White Label Website Builder” solution for building websites for small businesses…so none of your clients ever have to know you’re using SiteSwan. But what about the people you hire to work for you like freelance designers or sales people? How can you prevent them from knowing that you are using SiteSwan to run your web design business?

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Why Selling Websites to SMALL Businesses has BIG Potential

Marcus lemonis onethird20180413 11825 1ovlx44
Sep 28,2016 - Would you rather have 5 big clients pay you $1,000/mo each? Or would you rather have 50 smaller clients pay you $100/mo each? The idea of getting huge checks every month from just a handful of clients rather than collecting smaller invoices from a larger number of customers may sound appealing at first. But there's a lot more at risk.

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5 Ways to Land Your First Web Design Client as a SiteSwan Reseller

5 ways to land your first web design client as a siteswan reseller20180413 17467 1papa3q
Jul 6,2016 - It seems like your first web design client is always the hardest client to get. But once you sell your first website, every sale thereafter will only get easier. You’ll have more confidence, find your niche, learn the ropes and build referrals. And with the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program, we will help  you every step of the way. That’s why it’s so important to get started right away and follow these tips to land your first client ASAP!

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Looking to Start a Business in Florida?

Start a business in florida20180413 17467 1ujy1yt
Jun 9,2016 - Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Florida? The the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Florida is a great state to start a web design business. The Sunshine State welcomes small businesses and has plenty of opportunity.

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What’s the Difference Between Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website?

Best responsive website builder for resellers20180413 11825 12jt7tx
Apr 21,2016 - Many people get the terms “responsive,” “mobile site,” and “mobile-friendly” website confused. They are similar, but at the same time, very different.

When Google made the switch last year to favor mobile-optimized websites, it had a big impact on the web design industry. Sites that are not mobile-optimized are suffering in mobile searches. So many business owners have to figure out how to make their sites mobile-optimized. SiteSwan is solving for this.

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Is Your Website Safe on WordPress?

Siteswan safer than wordpress20180413 12853 4rnlls
Sep 26,2015 - Another day, another WordPress hack…at least that’s what it feels like.

Early September, 2015 saw another widespread WordPress hack – this one topping over 6,000 WordPress installations per day at one point. This particular hack loaded malware onto site visitors’ computers.

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Embracing Changes in Web Design

Web design tips20180416 11285 12fx5c3
Aug 27,2015 - Web design has been around since the 1990’s. It’s seen tremendous evolution over those years. At the same time, web design agencies have evolved as well.

Many web design agencies have a niche that they stick to. From Day 1, they consistently go after the same types of clients, with the same types of budgets, offering the same types of services. Sure, maybe they switch up technology from time to time, but it’s always with the same end goal.

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