SiteSwan Reseller Interview with Bryan Foulk
On the Fast Track to Success Just 30 Days In

Recorded on December 29, 2021

In this 1-on-1 interview, Bryan Foulk shares his first-hand experience coming on board as a SiteSwan Website Reseller. With zero web design experience, Bryan has already sold 3 websites in his first 30 days. With many more deals in the works and big plans for year ahead, Bryan is on the fast track to success.

Learn what attracted Bryan to the SiteSwan Reseller Program, his experience with the platform thus far, his opinion of SiteSwan's support team and exactly how we landed his first paying clients.

Bryan also shares some advice for other resellers along with some tips for success. This is a must-watch for both active resellers as well as anyone else interested in getting started with SiteSwan.


"I just wanted to thank the folks down there at SiteSwan. I never thought a good ol' boy like me could learn all that techie mumbo jumbo, but guess what? I'm doing it thanks to Site Swan's easy to use platform. Again, thank you SiteSwan for creating an avenue for folks like me to have an additional stream of income.”

- Bryan Foulk (Gulf Coast Web Pros)

With a full-time insurance job, a large family and a new house, Bryan Foulk still made time to start his own web design business (Gulf Coast Web Pros) and got off to a really fast start.

In just 30 short days of using the SiteSwan Platform, he took a dream and turned it into reality, selling 3 websites to local small businesses, and building up his recurring revenue, he utilized timeless, creative sales techniques and a passion for helping others to propel his success.

Bryan took the time to lend some of his advice to people who have some trepidation about starting their own web design business with SiteSwan.

"I'm just a good ol' boy from Texas," Bryan remarks. "If I can do it - anybody can do it."

The Challenge

Bryan's got a full-time job 45 minutes from home. He's got 3 boys, a loving wife, and just moved into a new home. Although his job as an insurance agent is relatively stable, he acknowledges that any business can cut an employee loose at anytime. He needed to minimize his exposure to risk for the sake of his family's long-term finances.

Choosing a business to do as a side hustle isn't easy. He drove limousines, drove for Uber, and even delivered pizzas to make some extra cash. He even considered starting a food truck or investing in a franchise. But none of them had the recurring revenue nature that he's been accustomed to with the insurance industry.

He loves helping others - he's a churchgoer and family man - so he needed to get the satisfaction of helping his neighbors as part of his business.

The challenge was to stay true to himself and his values, while building up some long-term financial stability.

The Solution

After looking high and low for the right opportunity, he stumbled upon SiteSwan Website Builder. Although he's never built a website before in his life, he immediately took to SiteSwan's intuitive platform interface, and followed SiteSwan's recommended path to success: prospecting for local businesses, pitching them a free homepage design, and closing the deal with affordable pricing.

He immediately understood the problem small business owners face: they want a really great website, but can't afford what other web agencies are charging.

He put the pieces together and made sure his prices were flexible and affordable, and offered great customer service and beautiful designs so that businesses couldn't say no to his proposition.

After printing some business cards and signage, he hit the ground running, talking to small business owners every opportunity he had - even in the Home Depot parking lot!


In barely a month as a SiteSwan White Label Reseller, Bryan closed 3 deals with many more on the horizon. He's on the fast track to success - focusing on closing his next deal in his free time. By prioritizing sales, and building relationships, "planting seeds" with local business owners, he's creating a long-term lead machine that should yield him over 100 website clients before too long. He's well on his way to a substantial monthly income that would cover his car payment, house payment, and a lot more.

He has no plans to quit his job, but building up recurring revenue with SiteSwan is giving him a lot of confidence that if he ever experienced turbulence in his job, the steadiness of his website design business would help him weather the storm and subsidize his income for the long-term.

He's living breathing proof that you can start a web design business with no prior experience using the SiteSwan Platform and that this can work in even the smallest markets like his hometown of Alvin, TX.


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