SiteSwan Reseller Interview with Chacha McGinnis

Mastering the Art of Networking to Build a Successful Web Design Agency

Published on April 10, 2024

SiteSwan's Co-Founder, Justin Gerena, recently had an inspiring discussion with Chacha McGinnis, a standout SiteSwan reseller who has mastered the art of networking and relationship-building to drive significant business growth for her web design and digital marketing agency.

Chacha's approach isn't just about selling websites; it's about selling a transformative experience that drives real results for businesses. Her dedication to customer success is unparalleled, and she shares practical insights on how she transitioned from corporate America to successfully helping small businesses thrive in the digital age running her own business. Chacha's journey is a testament to the power of authentic connections and a customer-first mentality.

Discover how she navigates challenges, builds sustainable client relationships, and leverages innovative strategies to create that all-important "wow factor" with every interaction. Gain actionable advice and motivation from Chacha, who has achieved remarkable success by prioritizing relationships in building her business.

Prepare to be inspired by Chacha's passion for helping small businesses thrive and her unique approach to sales and service.

“With a great service and the partnership through SiteSwan, you can confidently approach prospects  knowing you have a strong solution to enhance their digital presence. For example, when I pitched [a new website] to a barbershop, there was already a pre-done template available. I was able to demonstrate the potential and show them what we could achieve.”

- Chacha McGinnis (California Beacons)

Chacha McGinnis made a bold and life-changing decision after 18 years in corporate America: she left it all behind to champion small businesses in her community.

Witnessing countless local businesses struggle and close due to shifting digital demands fueled Chacha's determination to make a difference. In response, she founded California Beacons, embarking on her entrepreneurial journey with a focus on beacon marketing, a location-based marketing strategy that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices called beacons to deliver personalized and targeted messages to nearby mobile devices, to support and uplift local businesses.

However, recognizing the holistic needs of businesses beyond beacon marketing, Chacha pivoted to providing comprehensive digital strategies. Her discovery of SiteSwan enabled her to offer custom websites to small businesses affordably and efficiently. Leveraging SiteSwan's tools, she showcased instant demos to prospects, leaving them impressed and eager to collaborate. This initial success quickly snowballed, with referrals fueling sustained growth.

What sets Chacha apart is her emphasis on building genuine relationships with clients, focusing on their success rather than just selling services. This customer-centric approach has not only secured recurring revenue but also expanded her service offerings, including graphic design and social media management, through a unique subscription model.

Chacha's networking prowess has been pivotal in her journey. By actively participating in community events and leveraging partnerships, she has created a robust network of advocates and clients. Her long-term strategy emphasizes nurturing these relationships, ensuring sustainable growth and continuous value delivery.

Through her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to the "wow factor," Chacha exemplifies how blending passion with strategic partnerships can ignite success in small business ventures. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs underscores the importance of enjoying the journey and consistently delivering exceptional experiences that resonate with clients.

Chacha's story serves as an inspiring blueprint for those looking to carve their niche in the digital business landscape, emphasizing the transformative power of leveraging tools like SiteSwan alongside authentic relationship-building to drive enduring success.

The Challenge

In the early stages of her business, Chacha initially focused on beacon marketing. However, gaining critical insights into digital customer engagement prompted her to recognize the foundational importance of compelling websites for small business and build an online presence.

“It may just be because they [small business owners] don’t know the value in having a website or having that presence there when someone is searching Google,” Chacha said.

Recognizing the foundational importance of websites for small businesses, she wanted to venture into website sales. Transitioning from a niche focus on beacon marketing to a broader digital strategy posed challenges that required Chacha to adapt.

Not having a background in web design, Chacha recognized the importance of finding a straightforward and seamlessly integrated solution. She understood the necessity of a platform that would enable her to offer customized website options specifically designed for small businesses. This led her on a quest to discover a user-friendly tool that would empower her to deliver effective digital solutions without the complexities typically associated with web development.

The Solution

In search of a white-label website solution to provide tailored websites for small businesses, Chacha discovered SiteSwan, which turned out to be exactly what she was looking for.

Reflecting on her first experience selling a website using the SiteSwan platform, Chacha vividly recounts the excitement and impact of that initial success. Armed with a website mockup she created on the fly using one of SiteSwan’s website themes, she impressed potential clients, securing a deal that led to a ripple effect of referrals and new clients.

“I believe in the partnership that I have [with SiteSwan] that there’s templates in place that will help me deliver an amazing solution,” Chacha explained.

With conviction about the product and services she could offer through her partnership with SiteSwan, Chacha can confidently approach clients and provide them with a solution to “make sure their digital presence is top notch.”

This assurance enables her to offer tailored website solutions that not only meet clients' needs but also exceed their expectations, establishing a solid foundation for their online success. With each interaction, Chacha reinforces her commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value, building lasting relationships and driving business growth for her clients.


With her success in using SiteSwan as a springboard, Chacha has been able to rapidly expand her business into a full-service digital marketing agency over just a few years.

"I just say have fun doing what you do. This partnership with Justin, and the SiteSwan team makes it easy for you to enjoy your work," said Chacha.

Chacha has seamlessly integrated comprehensive digital marketing strategies like SEO, social media marketing, and email campaigns into her service offerings. This integration has allowed her agency to become a one-stop-shop for clients, offering a diverse range of marketing solutions.

Additionally, Chacha introduced a subscription-based model offering unlimited services such as promo videos, content posting, design services, and logos. This innovative approach has minimized one-off service requests and increased client retention.

Furthermore, Chacha has expanded her business into workshops and coaching services. These strategic moves have propelled Chacha's business forward, enabling her to diversify her offerings and establish herself as a leader in the digital marketing industry.

Chacha's Advice for New Web Design Business Owners

• Be Confident in Your Target Market and Pricing: Emphasize the importance of clarity when targeting specific industries and defining your pricing strategies.

Focusing on one industry at a time will help you maintain a consistent mindset and stay self-motivated. This approach allows you to deeply understand the unique needs and challenges of each industry, positioning yourself as a specialized expert in providing tailored website solutions. Knowing your target market and pricing structure from the outset will keep you focused and guided towards your goals, preventing distractions and ensuring a more efficient sales process.

• Expand Your Reach Through Strategic Marketing: Value your time and money by maximizing your marketing efforts to reach a broader audience.

Take a page from Chacha's book and consider attending community events and engaging with local chambers of commerce to get in front of as many people as possible. These activities allow you to foster connections and open doors of opportunity. By actively participating in community events and utilizing networking platforms, you'll increase your visibility and build relationships that can translate into potential clients or partnerships. This proactive approach to expanding your reach aligns perfectly with your goal of growing your business and attracting new opportunities.

• Forge Partnerships for Business Expansion: Leverage partnerships that bring in leads and opportunities to expand your business.

Collaborating with complementary service providers or agencies, like marketing agencies, graphic designers, or business consultants, can create synergies and mutual benefits. Just like Chacha, these partnerships will enhance your offerings and extend your reach into new markets or client segments. By nurturing these relationships, you'll strengthen your position in the industry and capitalize on shared networks to drive business growth and diversification.

Chacha's and Justin's Collaborative Tips for Success

Throughout the interview, Chacha and Justin collectively share some insightful tips about techniques that can help any entrepreneur trying to grow their web design agency. Here are the highlights:

1. You have to put yourself out there: Sticking with her coin phrase “Your network is your net worth,” Chacha underscores the significance of actively engaging with others in your industry and beyond. While you’re out at networking events, you have to have a way to capture leads so that “at any given time you should be able to look into your network and discover where you can increase revenue.”

Actionable Tip: Join a local Chamber of Commerce, attend meetings and grow your network.

2. Build and Foster Relationships: Chacha stands out by focusing on the real impact her services have on small businesses. She emphasizes the tangible benefits her offerings bring, aiming to positively impact their bottom line. Her mission goes beyond pitching services; it's about dynamically enhancing the success of small businesses.

Actionable Tip: In the monthly subscription service you offer to clients, consider including a quarterly conference call as part of your proactive approach to client engagement. This initiative allows you to reach out regularly, demonstrating your commitment to their success and opening a direct line of communication.

3. Don’t be afraid to say “no”: It's important to recognize your area of expertise and understand what solutions you can confidently offer to prospects. If a particular request doesn't align with the services you provide, it's perfectly acceptable to recommend alternative options that may better suit their needs. This approach demonstrates honesty and integrity, ensuring that each client receives the most suitable solution, even if it means saying "no" to certain requests.

Actionable Tip: If you’re not sure what industry to target, SiteSwan offers over 250+ website themes to choose from. Find a theme FIRST and then find the clients that FIT into that theme.

4. Play the long game: As small businesses and startups grow, they'll start needing more services and will seek your guidance to help fulfill their needs. You’ll build relationships by offering support every step of the way—answering questions, helping navigate challenges, and teaching them to optimize their finances. In return, they appreciate the value you bring and want to see your business succeed too. This mutual support leads to referrals, new opportunities, and expanded services, creating a collaborative cycle of growth and success.

Actionable Tip: Identify a strategic partnership with another business and discuss mutual benefits to help each other. Consider offering your services at a discounted rate, knowing that it will pay off with referrals and other partnership benefits.

5. Have fun: Embrace and delight in the work you do, and take pride in the remarkable "wow factor" that you bring to the table. Enjoy the process of creating and delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Actionable Tip: Approach each project with enthusiasm and a commitment to impress your clients, keeping in mind that you have the ability to deliver that "wow" factor to amaze people with the solutions you can provide to them.

With these tips for success and Chacha's inspiring approach in mind, remember that building relationships isn't just about transactions—it's about creating meaningful experiences and driving value for your clients. As Chacha emphasizes, it's not merely about selling products or services; it's about becoming a trusted partner who helps businesses thrive by showcasing their unique offerings and solving customer problems. By adopting this partnership mindset, you'll not only achieve business growth but also foster long-lasting relationships built on mutual success and shared goals.

"Be strategic in what you do, be passionate about what you do, and don’t be afraid to get out there and grow your network." - Chacha McGinnis

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