Economic stimulus web design

Create Your Own Economic Stimulus Package Building Websites for Small Businesses

Generate a Revenue Stream that You Can Always Count On.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted many people’s lives both physically and financially. Millions of Americans are without jobs and unemployment rates are at record highs. Not knowing if and when you’ll be back to work is a very scary feeling. Sure, an extra check from the government is nice, but it's not nearly enough for most people.  For those who want to take control of their own financial future, self-employment is a great option.
Running your own web design business can be a very financially rewarding career and gives you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t ever have to depend on someone else to write your paycheck. If there’s one thing we learned from the recent economic crisis, it’s that small businesses need a website now more than ever. For those businesses forced to close their physical storefronts, a website offers them the ability to continue to operate, communicate with customers and sell their products. Websites are helping millions of small businesses not only survive, but thrive during these challenging times.

When you hear people talking about financial stability, the one thing everyone emphasizes is diversifying your income and spreading it out. Relying on one employer for your income can be extremely risky. However, when you're relying on a variety of businesses in all different industries and sizes, it forms a diversified portfolio of revenue sources, which can be very stable, even in difficult times like these.

And the one thing that helps businesses social distance and function remotely better than anything: a quality website.

Whether you are looking to generate some additional income with a side business you can run in your free time or dive in full-time, consider a virtually recession-proof industry like web design. The SiteSwan Platform gives you everything you need to create and sell websites to local businesses in your area so you can keep those paychecks coming, especially when you need them the most.