How to land 10 web design clients on facebook

How to Land Your First 10 Web Design Clients on Facebook

February 17, 2021

With billions of active users, social media platforms have significantly changed the landscape of online advertising. Facebook in particular has become one of the most effective tools for networking and promoting a business. A single post can help you reach thousands of potential clients. If you're looking to grow your web design business, here’s how you can land your first 10 clients on Facebook today.
Are you ready? Here it is… Copy and paste the statement below:
“Our area needs some love right now. To help, I’m going to give away 10 free website builds this month. No gimmicks. No catch. The hosting cost afterwards is minimal. Comment below if you want details.”
This is an actual post that a SiteSwan reseller recently used to land 10 clients in just a matter of days. That’s incredible! While this message obviously references the pandemic, it was successful because it is timely and offers something of real value to potential clients. Feel free to use this exact post as a springboard, but here are some tips to help you create your very own promotional messaging for Facebook, even post-pandemic.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Message
It’s crucial when marketing a promotion for your web design business to ensure that you’re starting with a clear, well-written, cohesive message. Here are a few tips for crafting the perfect message:
  • Make it timely. It’s no secret that COVID-19 continues to be the most timely topic of conversation in the business community and beyond, and it should come as no surprise that now is the perfect time to offer deep discount promotions to current and potential customers. That being said, this strategy is not case-specific to the pandemic and can be utilized well after these challenging times are behind us.

    Another great way to make a promotion timely is to base it around the season, a current event or any approaching holidays. If you can find a positive way to tie-in recent news, even better! 
  • Make it irresistible. When you’re just starting out and trying to get your web design business off the ground, it can be difficult to bring in new clients without offering some sort of incentive. One highly effective way to get people to work with you is to offer your services free of charge or at a significant discount to minimize the risk. If a potential customer feels they have little to lose, they’ll be far more likely to work with someone who is new to the business than they otherwise would be. 
    Instead of charging full price for your web design services, try reducing the setup fee or waiving it all together. Remember, your goal should be to acquire customers quickly so you can start building up your recurring income from the monthly service fee.
  • Make it easy. Today’s clients are far too busy to entertain offers that might be confusing or take up too much of their time. This is why it’s so important to make the offer process as simple and hoop-free as possible when designing a Facebook promotion. Make it easy for businesses to redeem your offer and make it clear that the process for building their website is simple and stress-free.

    Start by asking the business owner for some basic info before you start on their site. Take the time to learn about their company, the main services they offer, and who their clientele is. Ask for their logo and any images they’d like to see you include on their new website. Ensure them that they will be able to make changes and request revisions after the initial design.
  • Make it fun! The beauty of Facebook is that you don’t really need any reason in particular to use it as a vehicle for promoting your services. Some of the most successful social campaigns can be distilled down to posts as basic as “Every 50th like gets a free website build; let’s see those shares!”

    You can also get a lot of mileage out of running one-off, limited discounts that encourage potential clients to act quickly. This technique works especially well when things are slow and you could use some extra work on your plate. 

Start Promoting Your Web Design Business on Facebook Today!

Facebook can be one of your best tools for promoting your web design business, both during and long after the pandemic. Take a look at the calendar and start planning your promotions now so you can make the most of the upcoming holidays and seasons. Focus on creating promotions that offer true value to your customers, and the results will no doubt reflect your efforts.

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