SiteSwan Website Builder Releases New & Improved Instant Site Creation Tool
SiteSwan Website Builder Releases New & Improved Instant Site Creation Tool

SiteSwan Releases New & Improved Instant Site Creation Tool

Published on June 22, 2022

SiteSwan is proud to announce the release of our new and improved Instant Site Creation feature that allows SiteSwan Resellers to build professionally designed, ready-to-sell websites in less than 60 seconds. When it comes to selling websites, building personalized demo sites for your prospects is one of the most effective sales tactics. Knowing this, we’ve simplified the customization process so you can stop spending your valuable time on tedious details involved in designing sites and focus on things that will help you grow your business – like prospecting and sales. This feature is currently available to all active SiteSwan Resellers.

Introducing Instant Site Creation

As part of SiteSwan’s robust library of tools and resources for web designers, SiteSwan Resellers have access to more than 200+ industry specific Website Themes that are professionally designed, mobile-responsive, and search engine optimized. Each one of these themes can be personalized for a prospective client by manually inserting some key information about the business through the site.

With some significant enhancements, we’ve made it even easier to customize our website Themes and streamlined the process for personalizing websites with our Instant Site Creation feature. Upon selecting one of our professionally designed Themes, you can now create a fully-functional, multi-page website in less than a minute with all of your prospect’s information pre-populated throughout the site. That’s right, this new feature automatically injects the business name, location and various contact details throughout the site, along with professionally written content tailored for their business, industry and location to create a truly personalized and custom website for your clients. You’ll have a site fully optimized for local search and ready to present to a client. After all, showing prospects exactly what their site can look like is much more effective than describing it.

This one-of-a-kind feature will help you to stand out from the competition, earn trust and easily build value before asking for the sale. With Instant Site Creation you can build hundreds of websites in a single day, increase sales and maximize your profits. 

How it Works

With SiteSwan’s Instant Site Creation, you can skip the guesswork and drawn-out sales process traditionally associated with website design. With just some basic information about your prospect’s business, you can present them with a custom website during your FIRST conversation. Building websites with SiteSwan has never been faster or easier! Here’s how it works…

1. Input your prospect’s information: Start with their basic information such as business name, phone number, and address (or use the Local Prospecting Tool) to start the building process. It only takes seconds to accomplish and saves you hours of work.

2. Choose a Theme for their industry: Browse through our selection of over 200 beautiful, industry-specific website Themes to find the perfect match for your prospect. Every theme includes licensed imagery and search-optimized content.

3. Create a site in seconds: Click "Create Site" and sit back while SiteSwan works its magic. SiteSwan uses proprietary technology to build your prospect a personalized, fully functional website for their business in seconds.

4. Present the site and close the deal: Wow your prospect by letting them preview their new site for free. Simply send them a link to view their site from any device. Your prospects will think you spent weeks building their site, but it only took seconds.

Key Features at a Glance

Here are some key features and benefits of using SiteSwan’s Instant Site Creation…
  • Build customized websites instantly: Every site you create is personalized for each business and their respective industry and market. You’ll have a site completely tailored and ready to sell to your next client in no time.
  • Actual business info gets automatically applied to SiteSwan’s industry-specific Themes: Rather than manually adding details about your client’s business, you can input the information once and it will appear in the right context and locations in multiple spots through the websites and its interior pages. 
  • Done-for-You search engine optimization: We’ve taken the guesswork out of writing search friendly content. We even automatically populate search optimized meta tags to your site.
  • Save precious time: You no longer need to spend hours customizing a site. Within about a minute's time, you can have a personalized live site ready to present to your prospect. By simplifying the design and customization process, you can dedicate your time to sales and other aspects of growing your business.
  • Instantly establish trust with prospects: The most difficult part in sales is building trust with new prospects. Watch your conversions soar by letting prospects preview their new site for free. They'll be impressed when they view a fully-functional version of what could be their new website. 
  • Close deals faster so you can scale your agency: The more sites you can create, the more you can sell. With a visual example of what their business website could look like, they’ll feel invested and possibly inclined to make a decision quicker. 

Final Thoughts

Our mission at SiteSwan is to deliver value at every level of your business process. We’re constantly improving the SiteSwan website building platform for our resellers by adding and enhancing features. We believe that for SiteSwan to remain the easiest, fastest way to build beautiful websites for small businesses, we have to continually innovate and evolve as a white label website builder. Our purpose in offering proprietary tools such as Instant Site Creation, at no additional cost, is to best support our resellers so they can reach their goals and scale their web design agency faster.

To learn more about the Instant Site Creation tool, and watch a short video of the feature in action, click here

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