New oppotunities for web designers

Tough Times Create New Opportunities for Web Designers

December 1, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked unprecedented havoc on businesses and the economy, and virtually no industry has been spared. Layoffs and downsizing are inevitable as many companies are struggling to stay afloat.

In this uncertain environment, where jobs and financial security are at risk, many individuals are choosing self-employment instead. Entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and in digital businesses are set to not only survive, but thrive during and after this pandemic.

We believe the biggest winners are going to be those who get into the business of helping other businesses get back on their feet — such as starting a website design business. Tens of millions of small businesses in the U.S. still do not have a website today. Consequently, these businesses are the ones that are bearing the maximum brunt of the pandemic-led economic catastrophe and are now scrambling to get online.  Small businesses need a website now more than ever, opening up new opportunities for local web designers.

Consumers Expect a Website Now, More than Ever.

As many states continue to face lockdowns, social distancing and self-quarantine, if there is one thing that has allowed the average person to keep their sanity and maintain a semblance of normalcy is online technology. Consumers are ordering groceries and fast food deliveries online, consulting doctors via video conferencing, watching movies and learning new skills and courses online and even meeting friends and family through social media.

Consumer behavior towards businesses seems to have changed overnight. Consumers now favor those businesses that have a user-friendly, feature-rich website because it gives them a sense of connectedness. They believe that tech-savvy businesses are safer and more reliable because these businesses are fulfilling their needs with minimal physical contact and yet keeping in touch through their websites.

Clearly, for businesses, the new golden rule for success is you MUST have a professional website to serve your customers.

This is a Good Time to Launch Your Own Web Design Business

Now is the opportune moment to start your own web design business. COVID-19 has forced businesses to recognize the need to embrace technology. Having a well-designed, mobile-friendly website is the most fundamental first step in the digital journey of a small business. Investing in a professional website is no longer an afterthought, which it used to be for many businesses before the pandemic. The outbreak has eliminated the natural resistance that many small businesses had towards going digital. Entire industries are now racing towards establishing a strong online presence. If you want to meet the consumers where they are, you have to be present online.

With millions of small businesses looking to get online, the market is ripe for web designers. As a web designer, you can help small businesses establish an effective online presence and promote their products and services to at-home customers during these challenging times.

The demand for affordable website design and development services is growing at an exponential rate. As businesses continue to evolve and expand digitally, their web design needs too will continue to grow and expand. The opportunity is inexhaustible at least in the foreseeable future.

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While nobody knows what life has in store post-pandemic, one thing is certain: the digital era of the human society has arrived. This trend is irreversible and, if you are ready to make the most of it, it’s the perfect time for you to launch your own website design business. The SiteSwan Website Reseller Program gives you everything you need to start, run and grow your own web design agency with absolutely no technical or coding skills. Our platform is so easy to use; anyone can do it.

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