What to Do When You Need to Create a Website for a Business We Don’t Have a Theme For
What to Do When You Need to Create a Website for a Business We Don’t Have a Theme For

What to Do When You Need to Create a Website for a Business We Don’t Have a Theme For

Published on June 24, 2024

At SiteSwan Website Builder, we pride ourselves on offering nearly 300 industry-specific, professionally designed website themes. These themes are crafted to help you easily take on almost any type of small business client. What sets our themes apart is their comprehensive design, including professional imagery, search optimized content, clear call to actions, and meta-tags to enhance performance. We have also developed themes for hyper-specific industries, providing ample opportunities for our resellers. Unique options include themes for outdoor lighting contractors, pony parties, tent and party rental services, dog walking, and more. Our goal is to equip our resellers with the best tools to succeed and uncover new opportunities in their markets.

This extensive selection is particularly advantageous when cold prospecting, allowing you to focus your sales efforts on specific industries and verticals. However, you might occasionally encounter a potential client in an industry we don’t yet have a theme for. Rather than turning down the business, here are several strategies you can use:


1. Use a Theme for a Related Industry

While we may not offer a theme for that exact niche, you'll often find themes that are similar enough to serve as a starting point. For example, if you need to create a website for a restaurant specializing in a specific cuisine, you can use another restaurant theme and customize the content and imagery to reflect that cuisine. This approach allows you to leverage the existing structure and features of a related theme while tailoring the details to fit the specific needs of your client.

When utilizing this approach, be sure to replace any irrelevant photos with new images that are high-quality. You can use stock photos sites like Depositphotos or Unsplash, or even tap into SiteSwan’s own image library that offers access to over 4 million royalty-free images. In addition, make sure you tailor the content to reflect the specific industry or niche you are creating the site for. Do some research and check out other websites in that industry to determine what’s most appropriate for that niche.


2. Start with a Blank Canvas Theme

Our Blank Canvas themes are excellent starting points for businesses we don’t have a theme for. These themes provide a basic framework for a website layout that can be fully customized with any photos, content, and branding you choose. This flexibility ensures that you can create a unique, professional website tailored to the specific requirements of your client, regardless of their industry.

We offer several Blank Canvas templates to choose from giving you endless design options. When using these templates, you’ll need to source imagery and craft content on your own. Make sure the images you choose are high-quality and reflect the particular business or industry you are pursuing. Again, you can use SiteSwan’s extensive free image library, real photos from the business, or any third-party photo site. Use our recommended page structure to craft content that is thoughtful, engaging, search optimized and relevant to your prospective clients. Check out this related article for tips on how to create search optimized content.


3. Purchase a Custom Theme Design

When you come across a business that requires a unique website and we don’t have a theme for that industry, you can always request a custom theme design from our team of experts. Simply inform us of the industry or type of business, and our designers will handle the rest. We begin by conducting market research to ensure the theme aligns with industry standards and the latest design trends. Our team will craft search-optimized content, source professional photography, and integrate all elements to bring the site to life. The entire process typically takes about one week, resulting in a custom, high-quality website tailored to your client’s needs.

Purchasing a Custom Theme is arguably the most effective way to pursue a business we don’t already offer a theme for. Not only are you able to satisfy the needs of the individual prospect, but you can use that same theme over and over again for other businesses in that niche. Although there is a small cost associated with this strategy, the fee can easily be justified by the profit potential on the first and subsequent sales.

If you are interested in requesting a custom theme design, please click here for more information or to get started.



At SiteSwan, our extensive library of industry-specific themes, combined with the flexibility to customize and create new designs, ensures that you can always meet the needs of your clients. Whether using a related industry theme, starting from a Blank Canvas, or opting for a custom design, you have the tools to create professional, effective websites for any business. Embrace these options and continue to expand your client base, confident that you can deliver exceptional websites, even for the most unique industries.

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