The Trouble with Big Business Digital Marketing Vendors

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Apr 27,2017 - The percentage of small businesses that do not have a website remains steady at around 45% (cited here), but it’s not because salespeople aren’t trying.

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What Every Small Business Needs for Effective Local Marketing

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April 16, 2017 - Small businesses, in general, have limited budgets. And, generally speaking, most small business owners have clients who are almost all within a very short driving (or walking) distance from them. Since they’re not likely to get customers from far away, their options for marketing their business are fewer than the larger businesses you see advertising on TV.

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Enhance Coupons by Adding Images, Colors, and More

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Mar 7,2017 - Coupons are the lifeblood for many small businesses. According to a report by Inmar, 2.9 billion coupons were redeemed in the U.S. in 2013. For many shoppers, buying decisions are influenced by money-saving coupons that they find on small business websites.

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We Updated Our Website Content Editor

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Feb 27,2017 - Your Content Editor just got a lot prettier.

Surprise! Next time you log into one of your SiteSwan sites, you’re going to see a much more beautiful content creation interface. It’s been totally redesigned from the ground up to make you and your clients feel more up-to-date.

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Hide Site Credit From Your Client Websites

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Feb 21,2017 - Giving yourself credit on the bottom of every customer site is an EXCELLENT way generate referral leads. People see the awesome work you do, they click your name to find out who did it, they see your site, and then they contact you to do their website. Win!

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How do you make money with SiteSwan?

How you make money with siteswan 20180412 12859 ag4f50
Feb 7,2017 - How do you make money as a SiteSwan website reseller?

Our white label website builder is not just designed for speed, it's built for profit. Build and sell websites faster and easier than ever before and keep prices affordable.

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New Statistics Available to Measure User Engagement

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Feb 1,2017 - As behavior on small business websites change, so too does the need to measure that behavior.

Did you know that about 55% of all traffic to small business websites is from mobile devices? With that said, wouldn’t you like to know how people are using your clients’ websites?

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All SiteSwan Sites are now Secured with SSL

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Jan 23,2017 - Keeping information secure online is likely a top priority for you. Most small business owners feel the same way. That’s why we recently rolled out automatic SSL support for all SiteSwan sites with custom domains!

What is SSL?

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Hide the Homepage Link for Better Landing Page Designs

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Nov 22,2016 - You already know that SiteSwan is an awesome website builder that lets you quickly & easily create stunningly beautiful websites for small businesses…but now it’s easier to use it for something else: Landing Pages.

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A True White Label Website Builder

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Nov 21,2016 - SiteSwan has always been a “White Label Website Builder” solution for building websites for small businesses…so none of your clients ever have to know you’re using SiteSwan. But what about the people you hire to work for you like freelance designers or sales people? How can you prevent them from knowing that you are using SiteSwan to run your web design business?

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Why Selling Websites to SMALL Businesses has BIG Potential

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Sep 28,2016 - Would you rather have 5 big clients pay you $1,000/mo each? Or would you rather have 50 smaller clients pay you $100/mo each? The idea of getting huge checks every month from just a handful of clients rather than collecting smaller invoices from a larger number of customers may sound appealing at first. But there's a lot more at risk.

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5 Ways to Land Your First Web Design Client as a SiteSwan Reseller

5 ways to land your first web design client as a siteswan reseller20180413 17467 1papa3q
Jul 6,2016 - It seems like your first web design client is always the hardest client to get. But once you sell your first website, every sale thereafter will only get easier. You’ll have more confidence, find your niche, learn the ropes and build referrals. And with the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program, we will help  you every step of the way. That’s why it’s so important to get started right away and follow these tips to land your first client ASAP!

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Looking to Start a Business in Florida?

Start a business in florida20180413 17467 1ujy1yt
Jun 9,2016 - Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Florida? The the SiteSwan Website Reseller Program may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Florida is a great state to start a web design business. The Sunshine State welcomes small businesses and has plenty of opportunity.

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What’s the Difference Between Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website?

Best responsive website builder for resellers20180413 11825 12jt7tx
Apr 21,2016 - Many people get the terms “responsive,” “mobile site,” and “mobile-friendly” website confused. They are similar, but at the same time, very different.

When Google made the switch last year to favor mobile-optimized websites, it had a big impact on the web design industry. Sites that are not mobile-optimized are suffering in mobile searches. So many business owners have to figure out how to make their sites mobile-optimized. SiteSwan is solving for this.

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Is Your Website Safe on WordPress?

Siteswan safer than wordpress20180413 12853 4rnlls
Sep 26,2015 - Another day, another WordPress hack…at least that’s what it feels like.

Early September, 2015 saw another widespread WordPress hack – this one topping over 6,000 WordPress installations per day at one point. This particular hack loaded malware onto site visitors’ computers.

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Embracing Changes in Web Design

Web design tips20180416 11285 12fx5c3
Aug 27,2015 - Web design has been around since the 1990’s. It’s seen tremendous evolution over those years. At the same time, web design agencies have evolved as well.

Many web design agencies have a niche that they stick to. From Day 1, they consistently go after the same types of clients, with the same types of budgets, offering the same types of services. Sure, maybe they switch up technology from time to time, but it’s always with the same end goal.

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